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Bizzo, Take Your Time, Bangna Bangkok


There's a new dining area behind Central Mall in Bangna, called Bizzo, it's a small square with Japanese Shabu restaurants, Vietnamese cuisine, and this restaurant, wishfully called "Take Your Time", it really should be called "Play with your food". The Shabu Shabu restaurant was full, but this one completely empty! Why? It has live music, it's brand new, looks clean. Why no customers?

I felt sorry for them, the place was empty and one look at their menu and you could see the problem! What style of food does it serve? Chicken Fajitas, Spicy Pork Neck, Cordonbleu Chicken, Lap Shrimp Salad, German Sausage... it's a mish mash of Thai, Tex-Mex and European cuisines! What a train wreck of a restaurant! It's for people who fancy mexi-thai food or Shrimp-Wurst?!


You know how this blog works, bad restaurants don't get reviewed, they get forgotten, so you can safety read on knowing this was a great meal! Lets call it fushion-food to make it sound like that menu was planned!


I decided to order a selection of dishes from an assortment of cuisines, some Nachos, Chicken Fajitas, Spicy Shrimp, Thai sliced Spicy Pork Neck and nibble it with beer while I listen to the music. With so few customers and so many dishes, I expected to receive frozen re-heated food and nothing could be further from the truth. Everything was fresh, everything was excellently presented, extremely well executed, and full of flavor! The Nachos were smothered in cheese, the Spicy Shrimp salad was full of shrimp and fuller of spicy, it was all terrific.


The night became a fun evening of assembling fushion dishes of surf-and-turf, mexican-Thai, Bavarian-seafood and other crazy combinations from the wide menu, why can't we eat German Sausages with Thai fish spicy dipping sauce?! Cheese with shrimp?! Excellent, I'd forgotten how stuck in a rut we have become, and this confused restaurant opens up a world of possible flavor combinations! Not all combinations worked, but the prices were cheap enough not to worry about the bill!


Towards the end, and since we'd drank a lot of beer and had such fun with the food, we held a competition to see how long a string of cheese we can pull. I won, but really the restaurant won with its stringy cheese!


As ever I show you the empty plate shot. Take your time, have fun with your food. The owner might not know quite which direction to take this restaurant yet but their confusion is our gain!
Try it before they find their style and focus on one thing to become yet another boring single restaurant.

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