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Big vs Little

In the little corner: Tang Tai Chai Huod, a small roadside eatery near Skytrain Punawithi, Sukhumvit 60 Bangkok. In the big corner Tesco Lotus Foodcourt.



This is the classic cafe you see everywhere that is slowly being squeezed out by the big chains. I often eat at these, quick, no fuss food. There was too of us and we ate the same meal: noodles and soup, fishballs, fried shrimp balls, large iced coffee.
It was very tasty, they'd just finished making another batch of shrimp balls, you can see in the photo. They make their own fish balls too.
Cost 152 Baht

Tesco Lotus Food Court


The big supermarkets in Thailand are all foreign owned. Carrefore (now Big C) the French giant, and Tesco Lotus, the Anglo-Japanese partnership dominate the market. In these supermarkets they have food courts, little stalls, each independently run, serving food paid for by a shared token system.
Here, two people again, One Mama tom yum noodles, with fishballs,porkballs and shrimp, bottled water to drink. One thread noodles yentafor, with crunchy squid, chicken blood & ice coffee.
Cost 113 Baht

Winner: Tesco Lotus Food Court

I so want the little guy to win, but there was more variety in the Tesco Food Court noodles, and they were cheaper. The pork in the first portion included slices of sweet pork sausage, there were plenty of fresh greens chopped into the dishes. More bean-sprouts, my thread noodles had fried tofu too.
With the volume of customers these supermarkets have, they're slowly taking over from small shops and cafes. Ikea is coming soon to Thailand, as part of a new mega-mall and that will slowly take away the small furniture stores too.

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