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Amonte, 2 Years of Perfection


Has it really been 2 years since I last visited this Italian restaurant on Udom Suk road in Bangkok? Well nearly two years anyway! In Thailand restaurants come and go all the time, good ones succeed, bad ones disappear quickly.

This is particularly true of foreign restaurants. In Thailand, it's common to see a Thai-Farang couple move to Thailand. They set up a restaurant with zero experience of the restaurant trade, and expect to succeed selling western food at western prices in one of the most competitative food markets in the world. They open shop, they drop the prices, the few customers they get never return, they close shop. They've lost their money. What a waste.

To succeed they need to deliver something new, at the highest quality in the nicest setting. Amonte has done this right.. It's expensive, but its good value for money.


Amonte has been open for nearly two years. The quality is excellent, its expensive, expect to pay $50 a head for a three course meal, more if you want wine. They have a very very good selection of wines. With a baby on the way, I can look and pose with bottles. Most bottles are 1300-2000 baht, with some very much more expensive.

The food on the other hand, I can fully enjoy. My truffle and mushroom pasta, really filled me up. I wasn't sure I had room for dessert, the baby had to squeeze over, so my stomach could have more space! I made a sacrifice on the wine for her, she had to make a sacrifice on stomach space for me!


I'd like to mention this is not a paid review, by the way. I paid my own bill in full at the restaurant., two people with a bottle of wine came to 4700 baht, three courses each.

Here's the tiramisu, it got a little eaten before it got photographed, so you'll need to use your imagination. It was different from the last time I ate tiramisu here, they've deconstructed it now into scoops of dessert, on plate decorated with sauces. I turned their work of art into a more modern art, but I think I made a good contribution to it:


Amonte is located on Udom Suk road, Sukhimvit 103, nearest BTS Skytrain station UdomSuk. You'll need to catch a taxi to get there and its a little difficult to find, so check their website (Amonte Italian Restaurant) for telephone numbers and maps.

Parking is available at night at the Bangkok Bank branch next door, and they can park it for you.

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