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Khiewchanta Wallpapers

I like this picture so much, I'm cropped it and created desktop wallpapers for download. The berries have such an interesting texture and color! Choose the resolution you prefer, right click on the link and save as a JPG file then set it as your wallpaper!

Wall paper 320 wide x 480 high, iPod Touch and similar

Wall paper 480 wide x 800 high, Smartphones

Wall paper 640 wide x 960 high, Newer iPod

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Beansprouts Growing

I have a time-lapse photography program on my phone now. This is my first experiment, soya beans sprouting at 3000 times normal speed.

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Ice Crushing - Old Style

An old style ice block delivery to a market. You don't get many ice machines at these markets, the ice is delivered and stored ready to be crushed and sold as needed.

Wan Assanhabucha, July 15th 2554


Today is a temple party, and for the next 4 days there are festivals in all the Buddhist temples across Thailand. I'm visiting Wat Tham Mongkhonat (13.6872N 100.6150E). Wat is Thai for temple, and Wat Tham Mongkhonat is a large and popular complex of temples and schools a short bike ride from On Nut Skytrain station.

It starts early, I arrived at 7.30am with an offering of food for the monks and there was already a long queue snaking around the car park. On this day the monks eat first, so I have not eaten breakfast.

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Traditional Thai Condiments (Noodles)


Every country has their popular foods, and the corresponding condiments to go with it. In Thailand noodles are the food that comes with condiments, and we have our own common set of condiments to go with it.

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China Town Food


When you wander around China town, take time to look at all the food there is. Not just the ingredients, but the cooked prepared, ready top eat food too. The Chinese do things slightly different to the Thais but there is a lot of common foods between us and a lot of influence both ways. Of course China town is also in Bangkok, so there's also regular Thai food.

Lets go through some of the food, firstly above, the woman selling these tells me they are the Chinese version of Garlic Greens cakes, see my recipe. The presentation of the Chinese version is so much fancier and I think there is far more tapioca flour there.

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Chinatown Fish Stomachs


Bangkok's Chinatown is full of fish stomach sellers. These dried stomachs have a similar texture to pork crackling (fried pork skins) and are used in Thai & Chinese soups (see fish stomach soup) and add crunch to gop gam dishes (a gop gam dish is a snack dish served as a side dish to a drink of beer or whiskey).
Don't they look like some variety of giant golden rice cracker? By the way the prices shown in the above photo are per 100 gms, not per kilo.

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Big vs Little

In the little corner: Tang Tai Chai Huod, a small roadside eatery near Skytrain Punawithi, Sukhumvit 60 Bangkok. In the big corner Tesco Lotus Foodcourt.



This is the classic cafe you see everywhere that is slowly being squeezed out by the big chains. I often eat at these, quick, no fuss food. There was too of us and we ate the same meal: noodles and soup, fishballs, fried shrimp balls, large iced coffee.
It was very tasty, they'd just finished making another batch of shrimp balls, you can see in the photo. They make their own fish balls too.
Cost 152 Baht

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Iced Sweet Thai Tea

What a performance, and only to mix and cool sweet Thai tea with evaporated carnation milk! The tea dance at Jatujak market is a dance with many variants performed by many vendors, I've added the map to the location of this particular vendor, below. But wander around any market in Thailand and you'll the tea dance done everywhere. In many ways it is more a traditional Thai dance than the 'Fishermans dance'. Perhaps when they show traditional dances of Thailand, the 'swirling tea vendor' should be among them!
Does it make the tea taste better? No! But you'll appreciate the effort put into the drink a lot more!
Readymix Thai tea and coffee are available from Asian supermarkets and I've shown the most popular brand in my Thai Food blog entry Thai Iced Tea, Coffee with Evaporated Milk.

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Bento Box Egg Moulds


I found these nar-lak japanese egg moulds in "Neo 3" (the name of the shop), Imperial Shopping Mall, for 60 Baht. They're for making rabbit and bear shaped eggs for bento boxes. You put a hot freshly boiled egg into the mould, squeeze it shut, then drop the closed mould into cold water. So cute, but Japanese mothers must have far too much time on their hands!

See the resultant egg below, I'm sure I can get a better result with practice and perhaps an L egg instead of the XL egg I used, as the egg spilled out of the side a little!

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Fresh Chips/Crisps + Street Show, 20 Baht

For 20 baht, this lady turns a potato into a spiral of crisps, a show of skill, and a few minutes of entertainment! She peels the potatoes, cuts them into a spiral, fries the spiral and serves you them with the choice of flavoured powders. All fresh, all made right there in front of you. I chose Tom Yam flavored chips.

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Chinatown Ingredients

salty-egg-yolks in china town shop

When you're wandering around Chinatown, in central Bangkok, don't forget to take a good look at the ingredients too, not just the cooked food.

For example, above looks like a plain bag of tomatoes, right? On the contrary, it's a bag of salted duck egg yolks, already separated and ready to use. There's the fish stomachs, I've already mentioned but plenty of other things to see.

And look at the following two pictures, they go together in a famous Chinese dish I hope to make soon.

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Traditional Thai Nougat

This is a candy puller, the candy he's pulling into small strips is similar to nougat and made from sugar, egg white and sometimes honey. He says he makes a big slab of it the night before, filled the middle with roasted peanuts,and wrapped it in plastic, so it will not dry out and become brittle.
Then all day he unwraps it, pulls out little strips of peanut filled nougat and his wife carefully puts them into little bags for sale. It's 20 baht for a bag of about 10 pieces.

I always find it interesting to see things done the old fashioned way.

Catch him at at the place shown on the map below, not far from Ratchawong Express Boat Pier‎ in China town. You can also see the nougat photographed close up on my food blog.

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Custard + Cake + Cute = Corn Cob

This fascinating machine makes little custard filled cakes. The finished cakes are sponge on the outside, with that just cooked, hot out of the oven freshness. Filled with hot creamy custard and shaped like cute little corn cobs.

Catch this at Paradise market, in the ground floor, where there's a range of terrific food places. This shopping mall is one of the best I've ever been in, yet hardly anyone knows it's there.

11 pieces for 49 baht, I also took a batch home to photograph properly, see below.

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Seafood Filled Omellette Balls

This little stand is the first I've seen of these. They're omelette style eggs and rice with a filling of sausage, or salmon, or seafood. Cooked fresh, and served with sweet radish, and sauce. They're like giant savoury Kanon Krok's, very yummy.

There's a smaller version of these balls made with octopus inside, a famous Japanese dish, tako-yaki you'll see in a lot of places in Bangkok.

I thought she joined the two halves together, but now I realize she just turned the half ball over, using all the extra mixture to form both halves and make a round ball.

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Melonpan - Cooking with Dog

Although I write a Thai food blog, I also like many other styles of cooking, Japanese is one of my favorite. If you like Japanese food, a favorite channel of mine is 'Cooking with Dog'. Here she cooks 'Melonpan', a Japanese bread dumpling with a sweet cookie crust that is time consuming to make, but is delicious to eat.

Food in Jatujak Market Bangkok


Lets take a tour through the many food stands available at Jatujak market. As the biggest weekend market, with over 5000 stall, naturally there are cafes and restaurants, but I want to show you the huge variety of food stalls there, and get your mouth watering for a visit to Thailand!

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Sa La Pow - Cooking With Dog

I've mentioned the "cooking with dog" you tube channel before. This is a Japanese cooking video channel showing how to make Japanese food. Here you can see the similarities between Thai and Japanese dumplings. She's making Nikumen here, but the recipe is the same as Sa La Pow, the Thai steamed pork dumpling.

Witches Pie Factory


There's lots of novelty acts in Bangkok, and a proper British pie shop is definitely a novelty act. But novelty or not, the pies are some of the best I've tasted. The pie shop is at 14/45 Sukhimvit 65 (shown on the map below) and sells a range of traditional British pies: Steak & Kidney, Meat and Potato, Shepherd's Pie (a potato topped pie) even a pork pie but without the traditional jelly, together with a range of chutneys.

My friends tell me that a 'meat and potato' pie is now called a 'potato and meat' pie in Britain because they have to list the main ingredient first. Potato is cheaper than meat so they fill it with potato. They also told me you can't get good pies anymore, they are all meat slurry in pastry cases made by machines. But here there is far more meat than potato and the quality is far better, real meat pieces and rich gravy.

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Cooking with Dog (It IS what you think)

I've linked to the 'Cooking with dog (it's NOT what you think)' channel before, this is a slightly different report from Nakhon Phanom, the province next to Laos where I own a farm.

The Thai border police have seized dogs that were being exported to Laos and Vietnam. They believe the dogs are being exported for their meat.

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Familiar Photo??


At the base of Wongwian Yai BTS station was an ice cream vendor selling some very nice ice-cream sandwiches, but what was that photo in the middle, it seems very very familiar.

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Noni Juice & Galingale Health Drink -OTOP Nongkhai


Another product I saw at the OTOP promotion show, the show where local producers make new products and promoted them to Thailand and worldwide. This one from Nongkhai province in Isaan.

This is Seven Naga Brand Health Drink, made from Noni Fruit, with Black Galingale. Both with traditional medicinal uses. A drink made from Noni Fruit is commonly used to aid womens menstral cycles by increasing blood flow. Black Galingale is supposed to aid the libido, I'm not sure how, perhaps by aiding blood flow too! You drink two tablespoons a day, so a bottle lasts a long time.

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Dried Bananas with Honey Glaze, OTOP, Tak


Slow oven dried bananas coated with a honey glaze. Delicious! They've packaged them in little foil wrappers too, so you can drop a small banana treat into your kids lunch box, or take them on picnics. They don't taste that sweet, they have the sort of slow release complex sugars that fruit and honey has, which I prefer.

I was at the government complex in Bangkok, a huge building, like a huge shopping mall, with offices for many government departments. In the central square they had a trade show on from OTOP. OTOP stands for 'One-Tambon-One-Product', it's a government initiative to promote one hand crafted product from each town. These bananas were the product from Tak, a town and province in Northern Thailand.

These are a new product from San Kow Kom. They are completely natural, well packaged and professionally presented. Tel Thailand 0-5558-1699 or 0-8843-98403 to contact the company.

Old Style Thai Candy


This is Thai candy from my youth, and some of it from quite a bit further back. I visited Khlong Latmayom floating market (a different floating market Thais go to), and went on a boat trip to see some traditional houses. They had old candy for sale and I couldn't resist buying a pile to relive my childhood and see how it's changed.

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Pork Chocolate Strawberry Crepe

What could be more delicious, a chocolate and strawberry sweet crepe... it just needs a little more porkiness! A bit more, je ne sais oink!

Seriously you've seen sweet pork hair used in sandwiches on my blog, as a slightly salty sweet topping for desserts and other uses. It's very common to use it in crepes like this in Thailand. But I know my farang friends find it odd.

This vendor can be seen at Phae Khanan pier in Bangkok at the green arrow below. The price for mine was 10 baht (about US $0.30) ranging up to 30 baht for the more expensive toppings.

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How to Disinfect Fruit & Salad Vegetables


With the water potentially contaminated in Bangkok, another basic skill worth remembering from my days on the farm: Using 'Potassium Permanganate' to clean and disinfect vegetables, salad leaves and fruit. (See the video below).

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Authentic Mang-Da Nam Prik, Bangkok


Mang-da is the large bug we use for its flavour. Nam Prik is chilli paste used to add spice and interest to food. I've mentioned this Mang-da Nam Prik before, usually made these days with fake mang-da flavour.

But not this one!

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Eat like a Thai: Phra Pradaeng


There's plenty of places to eat on the street in Thailand, this is one of my favorite places in Bangkok: Phra Pradaeng, (pronounced like pa-pa-dang). This area along the river, under the bridge, has some fantastic seafood eating places. They're only open during the evening, the food is fresh and the prices are low. There's also a nice clean market there, I like to go shopping at, in the evenings.

As you walk along the river, you will see little sitting down tables, with customers sitting cross legged on mats, and ad-hock kitchens in the open air, or under a make-shift canopy. It's not fancy, but don't let that put you off. We sit like this at temples all the time, it's all part of the Thai experience.

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Gang Hed on the Farm


I've made the spicy mushroom soup "Gang-head" before, but that was in a kitchen with nice clean supermarket mushrooms. Out on the farm things get a little more rustic.

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Vegetable Carving


I've been trying vegetable carving, and it's a lot more difficult than it looks. So I have help today from Chef Punarat of Phuket's Laguna Hotel, (Chef Win for short). I can see what I'm doing wrong, I worked from the outside to the inside as I was instructed, but Win also works from bottom to top too, building up layers of petals. Watch the video closely to see him work.

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Chinese New Year Failed


It's Chinese New Year! Naturally that means making some recipes to celebrate, and what could be more celebratory than traditional candied fruit pies? I saw hundreds of types at SuperCheap (a Thai market in the center of Phuket).

Well I looked up the various recipes for these, and although they look nice, they are a complete fail. Pity, I recorded video for them, it would have been a nice recipe.

So what went wrong?

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Supercheap Phuket Homage


No! Supercheap is no more! It burned to the ground yesterday night. I was there only a few days ago buying a bulk pack of candy cones for 46 baht to relive a fond childhood memory. That and a garden spade and a huge tin of crackers and a thousand other random things I found while wandering the isles! That was the joy of Supercheap!

I was in Phuket last night too, I saw the fire engines rush by, saw the plume of smoke and spent an hour in the ensuing traffic jam. Once I got home I learned of the terrible news. Supercheap, Phuket's giant market, was burning.

They weren't sure what had happened. Perhaps the fireworks had ignited the kindling, setting fire to furniture. That's not a joke by the way, they sold fireworks, wood sticks and furniture. They sold everything!

Think of all that cooking oil, biscuits, all those carbs and calories. Calories are just a measure of the heat from burning food. So it's inevitable a food store can burn, if only we ate low calorie food perhaps it could have been saved.

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Snake Ate my Fish


Another visitor to my garden from the jungle beyond, this one I'm told is very poisonous. I don't mind the snake part so much, but what really upsets me, is it came in and ate my fish!
My precious fish, it came, had a drink of water, and ate the biggest of the fish, then slithered off into the undergrowth.

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Sushi Hana, Central Bangna, Bangkok


There's a major elevated highway known as Bang-na Trad, and I'm visiting Udomsuk, another long street that runs parallel. Between the two streets are little linking roads and I've been exploring these side roads and finding some fantastic surprises.

Sushi Hana is a Japanese sushi restaurant. It looked expensive, inside I could see some Japanese people eating, which is a sign of authenticity and authenticity costs money! Once inside I was pleasantly surprised, the prices for most dishes were reasonable. I ordered a Sushi salad and a plate of sushi and the total was only 600 baht. The salad alone was huge with lots of salmon in it and a delicious light dressing.

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Warm Comfy Bar, Bangna Bangkok


More of my exploration of Bangna, I covered Sushi Hana already, well this restaurant is the best pizza I could find on Udom Suk road.

It's name is in Thai, but loosely translates to 'Warm Comfy' bar, it has live music, an open air feel and a genuine pizza oven.

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Vareeya Revisted


I've been to Vareeya before, its a restaurant/resort in the North east of Phuket, quality fine dining Thai cuisine. For a while it was my go to restaurant for cakes, but over the year its sort of morphed.

The Chef there is now trying out fusion food more than traditional Thai, its different, but as ever he executes it with engineering precision.

Shame his photographs are all engineering and no art! This dish on the menu is photographed top down, the pork all spread out. It doesn't sell the dish, yet when it arrives it is thick juicy pork with good hard crackling. The photograph on the menu really doesn't do it justice.

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Bizzo, Take Your Time, Bangna Bangkok


There's a new dining area behind Central Mall in Bangna, called Bizzo, it's a small square with Japanese Shabu restaurants, Vietnamese cuisine, and this restaurant, wishfully called "Take Your Time", it really should be called "Play with your food". The Shabu Shabu restaurant was full, but this one completely empty! Why? It has live music, it's brand new, looks clean. Why no customers?

I felt sorry for them, the place was empty and one look at their menu and you could see the problem! What style of food does it serve? Chicken Fajitas, Spicy Pork Neck, Cordonbleu Chicken, Lap Shrimp Salad, German Sausage... it's a mish mash of Thai, Tex-Mex and European cuisines! What a train wreck of a restaurant! It's for people who fancy mexi-thai food or Shrimp-Wurst?!

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Lady Pie, Phuket's Answer to the Witches Pie Shop


Christmas is coming, we don't really celebrate it here in Thailand. A holiday that celebrates a religion we don't follow, with a tree that doesn't grow here, eating a large bird we don't farm, it makes no sense. There are plenty of fat jolly red faced men here in Thailand though, and one of them recommended Lady Pie as a place to get mincemeat pies from.

I've visited the Witches Pie Factory in Bangkok, famous for Western style savory pies, and this is Phuket's version of that. Run by an Australian woman, its been going for 9 years, so its doing something right!

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Koren Style/BBQ 149 Baht/Paradise


NOTE: Papa market has replaced this buffet!

Doesn't the title say it all?

I've been exploring the area around Udomsuk, where I'm staying for a few weeks in it's April/May. My nearest malls are Paradise mall HaHa mall and Seacon Square mall, and exploring around these areas has been a real boon. (HaHa is the new mall they build between Paradise Mall and Seacon Square mall).

I've discovered an unlimited BBQ, 149 baht a head gets you live music, and a wide selection of meats, fish, shrimp and vegetables to grill Korean style over charcoal at your table.

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Isaan Fish, Exploring Udomsuk


It's April and I'm exploring the areas around Udomsuk while I'm here in Bangkok, and there are so many many many places to eat eat eat. I know it sounds like an echo, or a broken record, but this is what it's like.

I've decided to eat Isaan style, my home region and just along the street are two Isaan places, since I've been feeding fish at the temple, it's time for fish to feed me. I've been eying up the barbecued fish and decided to order Mien Blah, a fish parcels set. I've covered these on my recipe site, they're parcels of lettuce, noodles, herbs like coriander and basil, a sweet sauce, and often chopped chillies or spicy chilli sauce.

I've made a video to show you how to assemble and eat your parcel, don't be afraid, it's easy!

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Win's new Noodle Shop, Chumpon


Chef Win has a baby on the way! Congratulations Win, but it also means he another mouth to feed, and so he's moved to Chumpon and set up his noodle bar.

It's nothing special, just the everyday stuff of Thai food, noodles, cheap noodles at that, served fast and fresh to locals for their lunch. He can certainly do better than that location, it's down a side street competing with lots of other noodle places, and not much parking, but he makes enough to pay the bills.

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Flying Chicken Giveaway


It's December 5th, and Flying Chicken, a restaurant I covered on my travel blog, is doing a chicken giveaway in celebration of the Kings Birthday.
They've taken over a corner of Udom Suk road in Bangkok, set up their unicycle ramp and a chicken frying area and are ready to do a giveaway. 400 fried chickens to be cooked, cut and given away, all-free, first come first serve.

(Video after the break)

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Amphawa Fun Things


Over on my travel blog, I'm covering Amphawa. A floating market set on a canal west of Bangkok. This is a place that Thais like to visit, and the fun goes on into the night with boat trips to see the fireflies and things like this.

Pick your choice of mallow centers, choose a chocolate coating from the fondue selection, get them coated, cooled and there you go! It's nice to have a bit of fun for small kids and big Appons to enjoy.

A quick video is included below, for a map to Amphawa see the travel article.

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Fish in Phuket


I'm making yellow curried fish over on my food blog, and that means a quick visit to the local market for the ingredients. The quality of the fish is the most important thing in that dish. The curry just adds the usual flavor, but a good meaty fish that holds it shape while cooking is essential.


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Phuket Food Festival (On NOW)


At Saphan Hin, they have the Phuket Food Festival. It's on till the 28th May 2015, occurs anually, and if you read my Labour Day Party article, the format is very similar:

Food, beer, music, at Saphan Hin in Phuket Town.


I chose a bad day, thunder and lightning kept striking Phuket making for a very spectacular natural light show, and a lot of miserable rain!

Phuket's Sunday Night street market closed early, and this market was the last chance to buy some treat food.

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Paklok Food Festival


Paklok in the North East of Phuket island, has a food festival on right now! 12-13th June 2015.

I managed to catch it last night, before my holiday in Isaan, and there's plenty to see here and plenty to taste. Not just Thai food, noodles, barbecued fish, but also chicken pita, and a bit of other farang food.


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Perfect Italian Food in Udom Suk


I've found an excellent Italian Restaurant in the middle of Udom Suk Road. It's called Amonte.

Have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever eaten Italian pasta in Italy? You really don't want to, they under-cook the pasta so its hard inside, and its very unpleasant to eat. That works when pasta was made fresh, but for some reason they still do it with dried pasta!

But the style of cooking, noodle dishes with sauces, and herbs, that everyone knows as Italian, is extremely popular worldwide. Only without the undercooked pasta! So around the world there are excellent Italian restaurants, but not so much in Thailand.


Here in Thailand, the tomato sauces are more like ketchup, the paste is overdone, and Italian dishes are often sweet and unpleasant, more like children's food and its next to impossible to find great Italian restaurants. So its a great find when you discover one.

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Sally Fish and Chips Silom Rd, Bangkok


It's a long time since I visited England. Everywhere they served Fish and Chips, the national dish, and couldn't resist it when I spotted this Fish and Chip shop.

The batter is crunchy and coated with a salty lemony coating, its served with a zingy tartar sauce and a squeeze of lemon, the only thing not quite right is the chips. British chips were always thicker than these fries, but the flavors are all there.

It's easy to find, opposite, Wat Prasri Maha, the Indian temple on Silom road. See the map below.

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Cookin' Nanta (In Bangkok's RCA Plaza)


Cookin' Nanta is a Korean live dance, food, comedy show. Sort of like Stomp but with lots of cabbage thrown everywhere.

This is a long running show in Korea, and they've made a long running Bangkok version of it at the RCA Plaza Theater.

As with most of these shows they don't let you film the show, so you can get an idea of it from the promotional video. It's visual humor, rather than verbal humor, so there is no language barrier to overcome.

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More Sweet than Sour: Miracle Berries


Perhaps you've heard about this fruit: Synsepalum dulcificum, a berry that if chewed causes sour things to taste sweet?

I found you can buy these from Taiwan in tablet form, so I wanted to try some Thai sour things and see what effect the berry would have on them. Everyone always tries lemon, but why not try lots of things?!

What exactly does tamarind taste link if its no longer sour? Or Mayom for that matter?


I went to the market to see what I could find that was sour, and I also wanted to test a bitter things too, small bitter melons will be perfect for that. And to increase the range, I added some pickled fruit like mango and grape.

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May's Butchers Shop


I ran into an old friend from a few years back, May, and it seems she's married a German man, and opened a German meat shop near Monument in the center of Phuket island.

She sells speciality meats, smoked pork, Mettwurst, a strong flavored German sausage and home made jams and pate, and a restaurant part sells schnitzels and sausages and fries. She's seeing what works and adjusting it as she goes along.


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Cheese Themed Restaurant in Kathu, Phuket


On my way home one Tuesday afternoon, I passed a strangely named restaurant "Only Cheese" on one of the cut streets in Kathu. Inside were diners, that's always a good sign. So it was popular, and novel. That needs investigating!

A Saturday night trip out and it turns out to be a meat fondue diner, hot pans of cheese and cooked meat or seafood are melted together, and you eat with chopsticks. I've seen this in Korean restaurants, but I always think it needs some French bread to give it a bit of crunch. It's been on my todo list for a while.

It is a bit of fun. They have a range of hot pans, and some ready made baked cheese dishes. I went for the mussels covered in cheese and paprika, and a hot pan of spicy chicken and cheese, and one of pork and cheese. We pigged out on a cheese main course, so naturally that means we have to finish with a cheese dessert! So we asked for the menu again to see what cheese themed desserts they had.

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Christmas Roast


I've been slow posting lately, instead of making recipes and exploring exciting places, I've been busy on a long term baking project, and simply haven't had the time.

But Christmas is here, and I need to celebrate, a holiday is out of the question, sleigh rides and snowmen aren't possible in Bangkok, but I can at least have a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

I've chosen Pullman Hotel's Christmas Buffet on Sukhumvit Road next to Asok BTS station. This is pricey at 2700 baht a person, but heck, it's once a year.

(Video after the break)

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Green Caviar


I was wandering around Phuket Night Market on Sunday, and I noticed a new thing: Green Caviar!

I just have to try this.

It's a sea weed, with lots of green globes that look like fish eggs, hence the name. Very clever marketing to call it caviar, but it's not.


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Amonte, 2 Years of Perfection


Has it really been 2 years since I last visited this Italian restaurant on Udom Suk road in Bangkok? Well nearly two years anyway! In Thailand restaurants come and go all the time, good ones succeed, bad ones disappear quickly.

This is particularly true of foreign restaurants. In Thailand, it's common to see a Thai-Farang couple move to Thailand. They set up a restaurant with zero experience of the restaurant trade, and expect to succeed selling western food at western prices in one of the most competitative food markets in the world. They open shop, they drop the prices, the few customers they get never return, they close shop. They've lost their money. What a waste.

To succeed they need to deliver something new, at the highest quality in the nicest setting. Amonte has done this right.. It's expensive, but its good value for money.


Amonte has been open for nearly two years. The quality is excellent, its expensive, expect to pay $50 a head for a three course meal, more if you want wine. They have a very very good selection of wines. With a baby on the way, I can look and pose with bottles. Most bottles are 1300-2000 baht, with some very much more expensive.

The food on the other hand, I can fully enjoy. My truffle and mushroom pasta, really filled me up. I wasn't sure I had room for dessert, the baby had to squeeze over, so my stomach could have more space! I made a sacrifice on the wine for her, she had to make a sacrifice on stomach space for me!

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Is Bangkok Child Friendly?


So, I have a new baby, and she's the most adorable thing in the world. But life goes on, and can she come too? Can she enjoy nights, as long as we don't stay out late? Can she enjoy meals at fancy restaurants? Can she enjoy the colors and lights and life of Bangkok?

Most of the time I take her out in a stroller, so she can sleep in it, if she gets tired. Bangkok isn't stroller friendly, the streets are rough, the curbs high, ramps are few and far between. Even some of the malls are terrible for strollers. Seacon Square mall has the lifts blocked by metal pillars. The pillars stop you taking shopping trollies up and down in the lifts, but they also block baby strollers.

If you ask the cleaners at Seacon, they'll tell you about the unmarked delivery lifts, hidden in corridors marked 'staff only'. It's the staff in Seacon Square that solve the problems, the mall design is not child friendly at all.

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Ribs in Phuket


I've found a great place for BBQ ribs in Phuket.

It's called 112 BBQ, and it's in the new vegetable market, next to Chilva night market, opposite Tesco. It's owned by Chilva market, they use it to park coaches full of tourists and walk tourists across to Chilva (which has very limited parking).

Sadly this made Chilva packed, full of Chinese tourists. But thankfully they haven't found my ribs place yet.

See the map below.

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