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Flood Land, Phra-Khanong, Bangkok 30/10/2011

As expected the canal at Phra Khanong in central Bangkok broke its banks in some places. The army are busy sand bagging where the water broke through, but if you're quick you can enjoy this new recreational facility "Flood Land"! Watch the video for what there is to do there, since it's Sunday I had help with the camera and was able to capture a lot more of the flood filled fun.

Nearest BTS Skytrain station is On Nut, follow the tankers down towards the docks, then follow the sound of splashing water and laughing children. See the map for location details.

View Flooding at Phra Khanong Bangkok in a larger map

EXTRA: The breach in the flood wall is expected to be closed 2am Monday morning.
EXTRA: The bank has burst again nearby 9am Monday 31st October 2011.

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