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Flood Check 23/10/2011

The towns north of Bangkok are experiencing flooding, but how is the center of Bangkok fairing? I decided to take a boat trip from Saphan Thaksin north to see if the river has broken the banks anywhere.

As you can see, mostly no - it hasn't broken the banks, there are some places where sandbags are holding back the water, and some places where it's flooded riverside houses, but the flooding is not major.
In the north there are housing estates with water up to the second floor, but in Bangkok center it looks OK. As I came back, the water level at Saphan Thaksin Pier had dropped too, back to below the level of the pier.

Thai news is reporting a few breaches of canals. These canals run all through Bangkok, but I think they only flood the road, and are quickly sandbagged. There's a few more days of concern, but even the weather has let up in the last few evenings. You can see this from the video too, the sunset was calm, not the storms and rain we've been having .

Reports of low level but widespread flooding in the north of Bangkok in the suburbs around Don Muang airport.

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