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Exploring the new Reservoir at Chalong


Phuket is expanding very fast and with it, the water supply needs to grow. I thought I saw what is to be a new reservoir being built above Chalong bay, and so naturally I have to go explore it!

Even if its not being built there is a mountain road to explore here, so the journey won't be a complete loss.


When you arrive in the hills, yes indeed there is what appears to be a major damn building project underway here. The hill around has its access road, but the damn itself doesn't even have its footing yet.

The road is missing in places, neatly ending in rocks and soil, but nothing impassable. If 3 wheelers can get across it, so can I!


They even have a rock blasting show for the tourists! Oh what fun! I drove down the hill roads behind this reservoir and found a very nice Homestay and Restaurant with a view across Chalong bay, a good place to stop for lunch.


The road kept going up, but to where? You never know until you get there, and boy are these roads steep so it must be good!

Well once I got to the top, I found it was the radar dome for the airforce, and the guard was none too happy to let me photograph it. So you'll have to settle for a long distance shot from way down the hill. I had to turn around and go back, this is a restricted area at the top, and there is no sightseeing permitted.


I headed back, and tried some of the other hill roads. One led me to a mud track where locals were picking Sator, stink beans. I've given up eating theses, the smell is just too strong, but they're popular in the South of Thailand.

The end of this dirt track has makeshift barriers marked 'private'. It looks like people have built shacks here, but I decide not to argue with their private claims.


A road sign shows a lot of gun shot holes, as they've practiced their shooting, better not mess with the locals here, they are clearly armed and I doubt my car door is as thick as that road sign!

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