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Cassa Khiewchanta Street Cleaning Notice

It seems some villagers have taken down a sandbag barrier into one of the feeder streams that run through central Bangkok. They thought it would help drain the water quicker, which it will, it will trim a day or two off the 40-50 days to drain from their flooded houses.

It has another added benefit too, it means that the feeder river at Phra Khanong is expected to break its banks (on the map below), with the consequence that finally the streets might get a good cleaning!

Outdoor leisure facilities, there just aren't enough of them in Bangkok. More golf courses than parks, almost no cycle routes, swimming pools in some condos, but few public pools. The government has announced a major expansion plan in outdoor swimming facilities, convenient located right in the heart of Bangkok!

Much has been said about the division between red and yellow shirt politics. Red represents the farmers on the rice farms, Yellow is concentrated on the center of Bangkok and represent the city folk. Well finally, city folk can experience standing in a water filled paddy field all day in the new 'rural life' theme park, located between Phra Khanong and Klong Toei.

But it's not all good news, anti-fungal cream is in short supply and Cassa Khiewchanta has stockpiled most of it, naturally I have guns to protect my supply with poison tipped dum dum bullets and I'll kill anyone who even looks at it, but if you see someone with a bad fungal foot infections why not share your cream with them, for the good of everyone.
Help their sole to help your soul as it were.

[Seriously, Bangkok floods often, it's not as big a deal as you may think judging from the pictures of the floods. Don't let the news make you worry.]

See 'Bangkok is Sinking' for photos of Bangkok in the past all flooded.

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