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Cassa Khiewchanta, Snakes


There's plenty of help around, the village is managed and the office has arranged for workers to help the flooded houses. They lift my bike up onto a concrete seat area of the porch. Bungees secure it to the steel fence. This is as high as it can go, I should have moved it to high ground like everyone else did!


Inside the water has reached bed level, outside the rain begins to pour down again. I'm lucky so far, but the water will soon soak the mattress and reach level two of my kitchen shelves. I need to do more now, but what?


I find black bin liners, maybe I can take my things out one by one to high ground? Shielding them from the rain with these bin liners? That might work for the blender, but my new TV? Too heavy, too fragile!

I ask if the workers have a boat, or bricks. BRICKS! They have bricks from the new houses they're building. Maybe they can lift my tables and beds up onto bricks, to give me a few inches more dry space.


As I decide what next, I notice the plugs are flooded. No electricity means this house won't be liveable for a while. It also means the electric pumps that keep this area dry won't be running. I listen, but the high pitched whine of the pumps is gone. Only silence.


Worse, there's something wriggling in the water. About 6 inches long, and it's clearly at home as it quickly moves across the kitchen. A water snake? A small one, but fast, so fast it's a blur on the camera. I catch it, leaving it in a coffee cup... with a lid on... and a weight on the lid. Better safe than sorry.


Over the afternoon the municipal pumps arrive. These are petrol driven, so they can run when the electric one can't. People rush around, the pumps work, the pipes already exist, now if only they could find a way to connect the two! The workmen try priming the pump by pouring water over the misfitting seal, it doesn't work. He sends out for the parts he needs.

Meanwhile farm pumps arrive, these are used for irrigation, and need deep water. The water here isn't deep enough to use them, so they leave again. Likewise the electricity board arrive, if they can get the power turned on again, then the electric pumps can run, but the water is too high. They refuse, too dangerous to turn on the electricity.

It's getting dark, and they have one pump running, another 30cm of rain are forecast. I go to a hotel for the night. Nothing I can do here. Others are moving in to the show homes, the estate management have laid on food and shelter there.

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