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Cassa Khiewchanta Indoor Swimming Pool


In my videos you may have noticed the rain. Heavy strong downpours that overwhelm the drains, and go as quickly as they came. The living floor of my house is raised off the ground by 2-3 feet, with the wet-rooms (toilets and bathrooms) being the lowest rooms in the house. So a little low level flooding is no problem normally. At worst the wet rooms flood and no lasting damage is done.

Tuesday night we had heavy rain, the water level began rising, and approaching my scooter. My precious scooter! I've only just got it, The bruises have only just healed from my driving test! What if the water gets into my bike?? I move my bike up onto the porch, this is higher than the floods normally reach, better safe than sorry. The rain slowed and the water receded, I'll move my bike back in the morning.

Wednesday, the phone rang at 7am, it was my neighbour, ringing to warn me about the water. The rain has started again overnight, and a glance out of the window showed the flood water has risen up to the level of the porch. This is as high as it gets, thank god I'd moved my bike, it would be flooded if I'd left it on the drive. The rain had stopped, it was a beautiful sunny day and I'd dodged a bullet. Or so I'd thought.


The water kept on rising, it started to pour in through the back door, and under the front sliding door. I could see the fish-tank effect on my window. The water was higher outside, if I opened the door it would come flooding in! I carefully marked the level of the water with a marker pen hoping that it would stop rising. But my lower marks were being washed away by the water inside. Outside I could see the water level rising on my bike, soon the porch would be flooded and my bike with it. Time to spring into action.


Over the years of making my Thai food blog, I've accumulated a lot of kitchen gadgets. I start moving these up from the bottom shelves. There's room for them all of them on higher shelves, but what if the water gets higher? As I move each item, I decide whether I will keep it or let it flood. Do I really need this juicer? I know it was expensive, but I hardly use it?? What about the Microwave? What to save and what to say goodbye to.

I turn to the office, the computer is on the floor, I quickly move it to a chair, no time to unplug it, I'll just turn off the master switch and cut the power. The fridge will flood soon and the water will be live with electricity. I've read about people being electrocuted in these floods, and I don't want to be one of them.

I prepare an exit bag, id card, passport, money, bank books, keys, phone, essential makeup, men won't understand how makeup can be essential, toothbrush, toothpaste, dry clothes, alcohol to cleanse, laptop. As soon as I open the door, all the water I can see in the window will flood the house, I won't be staying here tonight, and I need to go find help to rescue my bike.

Out I go, and in the water comes.

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