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Cassa Khiewchanta, Cleanup

To recap, Wednesday night, floods hit my home, Thursday morning the water rose to flood inside, and Thursday afternoon, a pump is working.

Friday morning I wake to a call, good news, the rain abated and the pump has worked, the house is dry! Well dryish, it's not knee deep in water, but it's hardly dry either. Corners are flooded with a dirty brown water. Inside the bathrooms, a crusting of dark brown fecal matter covers the walls. I open the toilets, they've backed up. Yuck.


I start in the corner bedroom, I need a clean dry room to stack clean items, from there I'll work across the whole house edge to edge. Each room gets an initial hose down to clear the debris, then a brush down, then a scrub with Dettol and soapy water. I squeegy out the water. Without electricity, I can't do much else.


The electricians arrive and inspect the plugs, not surprising a few fail, and are opened and left to dry. They won't turn on the power just yet. The air-conditioner is a complete fail, he sticks a piece of black tape over the switch, that cannot be turn on. Outside the water pump is another fail.

Just as it gets dark, they arrive again, the main supply has been turned on, the pumps have been sprayed and are working, and they turn on the house lights. I can't have the plugs just yet, but the light at least lets me see the dirt.

Everything in the bathroom is thrown out, it's too risky to use any medicine from this room. All the creams, ointments, brushes and bottles, it's better to replace them than to risk infection. Later that night, the electricians arrive again, this time they turn on some of the sockets. With electricity I can run fans, so I leave the fans running overnight to begin the drying out phase.

By the end of the day, the house is half done, the kitchen needs cleaned, the shelves in there need to be removed, the cupboards major cleaning, but I've made a lot of progress. The house can be slept in at least.


Friday begins with the kitchen and particularly the fridge. It got flooded, the food inside is all contaminate and all of it has to go. Pity, I made Kimchi, pickled Korean vegetables, and I haven't yet tasted it, but it all had to go.

Some of the furniture would need replacing too, laminated desks lost their lamination, but more seriously, sections expanded, drawers fell out, swollen doors no longer closed. Water leaches out from all the crevices it got into, and some paint bubbles are concealing dirty trapped water, but these can all be fixed. I was lucky, most of my furniture survived, but some of the houses have built in furniture, that's disintegrated from the water. If you remember the Bangkok floods from last November those houses were flooded for a month not a day. They had things far harder.

With more rain expected, I put the house back together so that everything important is raised off the floor. All plugs and electrics and gadgets, all above chair level. I sandbag the bathrooms too, just in case.

By the end of Friday, I had my house back in usable shape. Despite all my precautions, that night I was vomiting, with terrible stomach pains. But still, flooding on Wednesday to near normal on Saturday, I can be proud on turning this around quickly. To be able to write my blog on Saturday is a pretty good end, excuse me I need to run to the toilet again.

Sit Rep 2 Sept

Well the antibiotics worked, I'm healthy again. The air-conditioning compressor is fixed, sadly a new motor was needed, the water wasn't the problem, the debris in the water gummed up the motor. They've also rewired from the junction box to the compressor, and moved the compressor higher, so that next time it won't need replacing.

The biggest problem now is some seriously funky mold on the furniture. I thought I'd got the furniture dried out, but the mold thinks otherwise. Some really vibrant orange and green molds seems to be forming!


I'm treating it with bleach in the short term, but in the long term all of this laminated furniture will need to be replaced. It just can't stand water! Whereas my solid wood old fashioned furniture was simply wiped down and was ready to go.


The other problem is the doors, this is my back door, that has formed water filled bubbles under the paint. I've scraped off the paint and hopefully when it dries out it can be repaired and repainted.

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