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Where to build that secret lair


I decided to explore Phanga Nga bay, that's the beautiful bay filled with tall splinters of rocks that you're likely to visit as a tourist if you come here. I found the perfect place for a super-villain to build their lair! Isn't that what super-villains live in lairs? Never a house, always a lair!

Visiting the collapsed caves inside the middle of these Phang-Nga islands is a must, and that tour usually includes "James Bond Island". Named after the James Bond movie that was filmed there. The island was the scene of Scaramongers secret lair.


On the pier I got chatting to some locals, the head of the pier, a local man and what could be his guard, and it turns out they're selling their beach land on an Island in Phang Nga. I was skeptical, they said it had a Chanote, a land document of ownership, but islands in Phang-Nga are protected, some of them you can't even land, they're so protected.

They wanted me to fly over their island, take some pictures for them. I'm game, I like adventure, I have a spare drone battery, so I head off into the bay on a boat with these men I'd never met before. What could possibly go wrong?


Once we reached their island, things became clearer. It's on the mainland side of an island and its not really an island, more a piece of the mainland cut off by mangrove. The owner has 50 Rai of land here between the beach and the cliff, with others owning an extra 30 Rai. 50 Rai is just under 20 acres of land. It's currently rented out to fishermen, who fish for the large jellyfish that the Chinese like to eat. Those weird wooden pole structures jut out across the beach and theirs.

But what on earth would you use this land for? You need a boat to get to it, it has no electricity or water services. It's tranquil, isolated, away from everything. It has access to the sea, but few people want to live like hermits. So who would use it and for what?

That got me thinking. Where do evil masterminds make their secret bases? James Bond Island has gone, islands like Panak and Hong are visited by too many tourists. Where could you build the death ray? Launch the mechanical sharks with lasers from? Barbecue some fish in your time off from all the plotting? Torture the hero, then take a plunge in the sea to cool off.

So if you're an evil mastermind looking for a lair, I might just have found you the perfect place for your hideout! This place:

Desert Island Tourism

Maybe this is more suitable to a desert eco tour. Tourists go fishing in the bay during the day, sleep in tents on this island during the night. Barbecue their catch on the beach at night in front of a wood fire. Experience island life, trips out to the islands. Island caves by night. an experience at least for one night.

Well either that or the secret lair thing. Either's good.

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