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Phuket Balloon Festival, is missing something!


Phuket Balloon festival is on now if you're very quick, just behind the British International School in the center of the island. It's not a full balloon festival like you'd see in Europe or the US, its tethered balloons with music and night burns and party food.

It was too windy for the balloons to go up, so they just inflated, did the night burn and the smaller balloons did the rest of the show.

Something was flying though, several of them.....


DRONES!! I crashed my drone, into the sea and its still waiting repair. So it was good to see such majestic rock solid flying machines holding fast in the 'high' wind! I spotted two Phantom Advanced and one older generation drone recording the event on behalf of the press.

Why would you have a balloon festival these days? Why not a DRONE FESTIVAL!!


I've seen drone races on Korean TV, I've seen drone ballet shows and synchronized drone dancing. Why have the balloons at all! Drones weight lifting competitions, drones with banners below them. Drone obstacle courses.

You can still have the flames, and burns, just make them part of a drone show and ditch the balloons! They're completely pointless these days!

And one day soon, we will have manned drone flights. I've seen the prototypes of these drones capable of lifting a person. So we could have "experience a flight in a drone" items soon.

I've been to restaurants where food is delivered by robots. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get drone delivered food too??


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