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Phantom Drone Crashed in the Sea


Well that wasn't long! I only bought it in December 4 months ago, but already I crashed my drone into the salt water lagoon at Thanbok Koranee National Park! (This video shows where I crashed the Phantom).

I should have practiced more with non-GPS flight. Never mind. The kayak people at the National Park are use to it, tourists have crashed drones here before, they recovered it at low tide, and told me to rinse it with clean water.


Phantom Thailand, the supplier, have also told me to rinse it with fresh water too ASAP and send it to them for repair. So lets see how they do. Phantom have a new model out, the Phantom 4. I am so tempted to buy that one, the new camera tracking feature, lets you tell the drone to track a subject and the camera keeps the subject in shot.

And of course the collision avoidance stops it flying forward into obstacles. That would only partly help. When I crashed it, it caught the tree at the side as it drifted without GPS lock. Since there is no distance cameras at the side, this feature wouldn't help.


My drone's camera has condensation behind the cover, but the gimbal moves freely. The brushless motors too, that drive the propellars, they got a good rinse and turn freely.

The most alarming thing is the battery, its dead and needs replaced, but its developing a visible bulge. I carefully placed it in the bathroom where it can explode without damaging the house, since there's a lot of energy in these batteries.


I think the battery was shorted, you can see signs of burning near inside the drone where the battery contacts are, and some major corrosion. Pity, it looked nearly new when they first recovered it, but the closer you look, the more damage it's sustained.


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