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Ko Siray, Revisted

I've been to Siray Island before. On my first visit, there was one blue floating pier, now it has three!

There's still the big problem with this island, it has some wonderful beaches, but the access is terrible. Roads that don't reach the beach, no place to park, people sealing off access to the sea across their land and sometimes, simply a 'private property' sign.

(Map below)

Can you own a beach? I'm not sure you can, but they certainly seem to own it if nobody else can get to it! Even to see the coast is difficult, trees and expensive beach property shield every view from the road.

Thankfully my drone lets me go look anyway.

It's such a pity there are so many parts of this island that local Phuket people could enjoy. But it's so locked down and sealed off. Even the public beach I visited last time, has a new restaurant and a resort blocking off more of the beach now!

Is Leam Tukkae public? And the beach across on the other side? It seems to be private property.

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