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Ko Siray (Phuket) Dirt Bike Races - Tomorrow! 24th!


Ko Siray, is the island connected to Phuket town, and it has quite a few things to see. I've done the beaches, the temple, I've even dived off one of those long piers in the bay.

But until today, I didn't know it has a dirt bike track, and most weekends the bikes are out practicing for championships!

(Video Below)


This weekend (23/24th January 2016) is one such competition, Saturday is the practise day, where the competitors register and practise the circuit, and tomorrow, Sunday is the big day!

Competitions start from 8am and go onto 5pm. There is food available, beer, and gifts to buy so it should make for a whole days entertainment.


I visited on the Saturday and caught quite a bit of the action using a drone, but there were plenty of places to see the bikes from the side of the track!

If you find yourself with nothing to do tomorrow, you could do worse than this.

Ko Siray is connected to Phuket city by a road bridge, that cuts through a monkey feeding area.

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