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Ko Raet, Phuket by Drone

I've always wanted to visit this island, it's just off the coast between Naka Yai island, and the east cost of Phuket.

The long tail boats won't land there because its private, so I thought that one day I might pop over on a kayak, or jetski and land by accident!

But now I have a drone for aerial shots, I decided the best solution would be to fly over it!

I started by inspecting Google maps for a suitable launch site. It needs to be close enough to keep the drone within visible range and radio range, but with a large enough landing platform so it doesn't end in the water!

I decide to launch from the end of Ao Po Pier, this is one of the main piers in Phuket, its where your visits to Phangna Bay often start out. This was not quite to plan. The pier end is made of steel and it messes with the drones compass, I have to back away from the end and launch from the road bridge a little further back instead.

I got all the footage I wanted, and got to see those derelict buildings I've passed so many times. I think they didn't have planning permission, and have been abandoned. What looks like the remains of a marina remains on the far side.

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