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Geocaching with new toys


I've really enjoyed the drone, or should I say drones. Since this is my second Phantom 3, the first one crashed into salt water and sadly couldn't be repaired, I bought a second Phantom 3, exactly the same as the first.

I really wanted the new Phantom 4, it can focus on moving targets and take shots I am simply not expert enough to do. But they're very expensive, and I'd only crash it after a few months.

New Toy #1: Litchi Drone Software

Perhaps I can find some app to upgrade it? As it turns out, there is such an app: Litchi! It's only 825 baht, and does so so so many things. Including visual tracking!

Even some DJI Go features are done far better, the Waypoints feature lets you plan your flight paths ahead, they even have a Missions website, so you can design your flights on a desktop computer, save them to your account, and access those missions in the field.

You can set Points of Interest, and have the drone focus on those as it flies the path chosen, automatically controlling the camera as it goes. Even my 'Dronies' can be more professional now, no more rough corrections to the camera angle to keep me in the shot!

This will take some learning and some practice, but my drone videos should get a lot more professional with it. The dronie shot in the video is done using Waypoints. I set a waypoint a few meters in front of me, and one half a kilometer away, and a focus point on the controller. Start the mission, the drone flies to me, turns around and flies away smoothly keeping me in shot.

I'm going to cover some of the more amazing features of this software over the next few months. With rainy season being so dull and long, it's difficult to find the energy.


New Toy #2: LanParte LA3D Gimbal

I've always been envious of TV videos where they climb through the jungle and its all smooth and watchable. Most of my walking footage ends in the Recycle Bin, You Tube mocks me with it's "we've detected this video might be shaky" taunting.

I've found an electronic gimbal, that takes my sports camera, (Elephone ELE Cam Explorer) and makes smooth steady videos. With the camera in 'car' mode, when I turn on the gimbal, the camera automatically starts recording, and charges from the gimbals big batteries.


New Toy #3: Recorder with Wind Muff

Another source of problems with my videos is the wind noise. I hate it, I've tried covering the audio track with music. I've tried dubbing over drone sounds and simply ignoring it. It can't be fixed after the recording, and there is only one fix for it. A wind-muff, and a recorder that isn't tied to the camera.

I found this in a Sony shop, and the microphone and some mini-wind muffs on AliExpress. Success, it works.

Now that I have the equipment sorted, I just need some talent, and training and effort!

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