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Ko Raet, Phuket by Drone

I've always wanted to visit this island, it's just off the coast between Naka Yai island, and the east cost of Phuket.

The long tail boats won't land there because its private, so I thought that one day I might pop over on a kayak, or jetski and land by accident!

But now I have a drone for aerial shots, I decided the best solution would be to fly over it!

I started by inspecting Google maps for a suitable launch site. It needs to be close enough to keep the drone within visible range and radio range, but with a large enough landing platform so it doesn't end in the water!

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Royal Phuket Marina, Boat Lagoon by Drone

I've visited Boat Lagoon and the Phuket Marina many times. The marina is the starting place for my Pizza Run to Coconut Island.

It's also a very good place to go Yacht spotting. But the yacht in dry-dock really are too big to see, you see the hull, and not much else. So time to take to the sky for a better look!

(Map below)

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Ko Siray, Revisted

I've been to Siray Island before. On my first visit, there was one blue floating pier, now it has three!

There's still the big problem with this island, it has some wonderful beaches, but the access is terrible. Roads that don't reach the beach, no place to park, people sealing off access to the sea across their land and sometimes, simply a 'private property' sign.

(Map below)

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Ko Siray (Phuket) Dirt Bike Races - Tomorrow! 24th!


Ko Siray, is the island connected to Phuket town, and it has quite a few things to see. I've done the beaches, the temple, I've even dived off one of those long piers in the bay.

But until today, I didn't know it has a dirt bike track, and most weekends the bikes are out practicing for championships!

(Video Below)

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship


While I was enjoying Freedom Beach, near Patong, I spied a Cruise Ship in the bay! Now that's a tempting target to explore! They always look huge when your eyes see them, but in a camera, they're a distant small object. Your brain sees things on the horizon much bigger than they actually are. But I can send the drone out take a look.

As I get closer, it looks very familiar. Same mini golf course, same pools, same climbing wall up the same smoke stack... it is! It's a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, remember the cruises that Indo Thai Tours had on discount last year? This is the very same cruise liner.

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Where to build that secret lair


I decided to explore Phanga Nga bay, that's the beautiful bay filled with tall splinters of rocks that you're likely to visit as a tourist if you come here. I found the perfect place for a super-villain to build their lair! Isn't that what super-villains live in lairs? Never a house, always a lair!

Visiting the collapsed caves inside the middle of these Phang-Nga islands is a must, and that tour usually includes "James Bond Island". Named after the James Bond movie that was filmed there. The island was the scene of Scaramongers secret lair.


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Phantom Drone Crashed in the Sea


Well that wasn't long! I only bought it in December 4 months ago, but already I crashed my drone into the salt water lagoon at Thanbok Koranee National Park! (This video shows where I crashed the Phantom).

I should have practiced more with non-GPS flight. Never mind. The kayak people at the National Park are use to it, tourists have crashed drones here before, they recovered it at low tide, and told me to rinse it with clean water.


Phantom Thailand, the supplier, have also told me to rinse it with fresh water too ASAP and send it to them for repair. So lets see how they do. Phantom have a new model out, the Phantom 4. I am so tempted to buy that one, the new camera tracking feature, lets you tell the drone to track a subject and the camera keeps the subject in shot.

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Phuket Balloon Festival, is missing something!


Phuket Balloon festival is on now if you're very quick, just behind the British International School in the center of the island. It's not a full balloon festival like you'd see in Europe or the US, its tethered balloons with music and night burns and party food.

It was too windy for the balloons to go up, so they just inflated, did the night burn and the smaller balloons did the rest of the show.

Something was flying though, several of them.....

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Geocaching with new toys


I've really enjoyed the drone, or should I say drones. Since this is my second Phantom 3, the first one crashed into salt water and sadly couldn't be repaired, I bought a second Phantom 3, exactly the same as the first.

I really wanted the new Phantom 4, it can focus on moving targets and take shots I am simply not expert enough to do. But they're very expensive, and I'd only crash it after a few months.

New Toy #1: Litchi Drone Software

Perhaps I can find some app to upgrade it? As it turns out, there is such an app: Litchi! It's only 825 baht, and does so so so many things. Including visual tracking!

Even some DJI Go features are done far better, the Waypoints feature lets you plan your flight paths ahead, they even have a Missions website, so you can design your flights on a desktop computer, save them to your account, and access those missions in the field.

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