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Red Light Jumping

This is a news program from 2009, it shows their investigation into people who jump the red lights and cause accidents. This is a big problem in Thailand, there are very few motorways in Thailand and drivers treat the wide straight roads as though they are motorways. Speeding is one thing, but those roads have junctions and traffic lights! Here they show the far more serious accidents that happen when they drive through the red lights.

See the truck at 3 min 11 seconds into the clip. He drives through the red light hitting a motorcyclist, and hardly slows down. The car at 3:28 also drives through the red, hitting a motorcyclist.

Sometimes it's the cyclists fault, the motorcyclist at 3:47 tries to turn right, but misjudges the speed of the oncoming car.

Sometimes it's just bad signaling, look at 4:07, it looks like there's no traffic lights operating there, only warning flashing lights. With an inevitable crash as a speeding car hits a crossing motorcyclist. Those shapes flying through the air at 4:29 are people.

Sometimes it's just bad attitude. There's an attitude among people in my home village, that in a crash, between a big car and small car, the big car pays. If you're dead no amount of money will fix it, so that's not a healthy attitude to have!.

I wish road safety was taught in all schools, so that everyone gets a basic lesson in what the signals means and the dangers of ignoring them. More and more cars and motorcycles are on the roads in Thailand, and so it makes sense to teach everyone.

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