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Ekamai Bus Station Shortchanger


I know shortchanging is a common scam worldwide, but you don't see it so often now in Thailand. I was at Ekamai bus station (the Eastern Bus Terminal for Bangkok) with my friend Cherry. It was 6am December 19th, we had just bought our bus tickets and she realized she only had 1000 baht notes with her. She had one 500 baht note, change from the bus ticket window, but she wanted more small notes, so she went to buy something at this shop.
I could see something was wrong, it was taking far too long, the woman was wandering around the shop as if looking for something, so I went over and talked to Cherry. She said she was waiting for her change, but the woman was delaying handing it back. She feared she was about to be scammed, and sure enough when the woman finally handed back the change it was change from 500 baht not 1000 baht! Cherry had been shortchanged.

The woman behind the counter claimed she had only been handed 500 baht and no amount of argument was going to change her claim. Cherry walked away and did a little prayer to calm herself down.

Well perhaps Cherry had made a mistake and only handed her the 500 baht she got back from the ticket window? So I checked her money, and no she still had that 500 baht note, she definitely had been shortchanged.

We tried to find a policeman to report it, and outside we found what looked like a local policeman, or perhaps a security guard dressed like one. He could help, he said, they have cameras, but the office won't open until 7am and we would miss our bus if we pursued this.

So we have to let it go and just warn people about this. You can see the shop above, it is at Ekamai Eastern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, that was the woman who shortchanged my friend.

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