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I've finally found out what vibrant means. I've seen this word many times, but never understood it. The dictionary says it means 'having the property of vibrating', but they're not moving, so those bangles can't be vibrant because I kept the camera still! I'm confused!
Appon's Thai Life has a proof reader to fix my terrible English, and she says that 'Vibrant Colours' means the colours are bursting with life. Isn't something that's burst, dead? Then she said it was rich in colours, but isn't that 'colourful'? How can something be one colour and still vibrant! Yet I've seen 'vibrant blue' used in English.

Finally I've decided it's a complicated way to say 'saturated'.

I saw these vibrant bangles and thought, this is my chance to use vibrant in my blog. Up to now a search for vibrant on this blog returns nothing (search done 11:10am 4th Aug 2011):

การค้นหาของคุณ - vibrant ไม่ตรงกับเอกสารใดๆ



See? No vibrant. This will not do, so take a look at these vibrant bangles (seen in China-town, a vibrant part of a vibrant city) and for that matter enjoy this vibrant blog. Don't forget to tell your friends how vibrant Appon's Thai Life blog is. I'll repeat this Google search in a few weeks to check that this blog really is now officially vibrant.

Update: Now officially recorded, the first use of vibrant is on, search done 09:10am 5th Aug 2011.

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