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Terminal 21, Asok, Bangkok

Terminal 21, a new shopping mall has opened at Asok in Bangkok. It's fantastic, I spent the day there. Each level is themed to a region or country and they have a huge selection of shops, all grouped by their theme.

I spent far too much money, had Mexican food on the food floor, and watched the science fiction movie 'In Time' on the movie floor, which I highly recommend, before heading home.
"In Time" is a world in which time is the currency, and everyone works day to day, not to pay the bills, but just to stay alive. The rich can live forever, but the poor die quickly when they run out of time. As I went to the Skytrain and swiped my pass over the barrier, it beeped... my credit had expired. Very ironic.

Catch Terminal 21 while it's open, Jatujak market has flooded this morning, Thon Buri will be under 50cm of water in the next two days, the waters heading towards Asok and they didn't have their flood barrier prepared when I visited. The supermarket in the basement is stocked with plenty of Fondue so I dread to think what a cheesy mess the place will be in when I next see it.

If you are In Time to catch this mall, try the toilets, they have the clever Japanese ones that wash and dry.

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