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Sparkly Iron on Beads

Our new site sponsor, Crystal Beads, vendors of fine hand made jewelry, and crystal beads, has a new product. You provide a picture, a logo, or text, and they turn it into an iron-on transfer made of sparkly beads.

If you're stuck for a gift for the girl who has everything, then these bead transfers are terrific. Have her name made up in beads, add a few hearts and you'll leave her smiling!

While I was visiting the UK, I thought it would be a good time to get my very own, custom apron, with "Appons Thai Food" emblazoned on it in multi-colored beads! So I took my "Appon's Thai Food' logo with me to the UK, and had it turned into a bead print. The designer hated it, but I like the finished result.

I had a great holiday in the UK. The people are great, struggling through a difficult time. Now that my website is hosted in Thailand, and I'm safe back home, I feel freer to talk and can get back to my website. See you soon.

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