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Mega Bangna Megarific

I was just thinking, it's May already and there hasn't been a shopping mall opening in Bangkok this year. Surely this is some sign of the apocalypse? Maybe 2012 is the year the world ends after all! But no, Mega Bangna mall is open, this is a new Mega Mall along the Bangna Trat highway with Ikea, Big C and Home Pro as its anchor stores. We're saved!

Bangkok has a few shopping malls already, Paradise Mall I've covered, Seacon Square's next to it, Central World, Central Plaza Bangna, Gythorn, Centerpoint, MBK. IT Square, Platinum Mall, Pantip Plaza, Siam Paragon, JJ Mall up at Jatujak, the Bang Kae Mall, The Mall Bang Khen to name but a few, oh and Discovery Center and Terminal 21. But as long as there's a piece of green land there's an opportunity to squeeze another mall into Bangkok. Oh forgot Imperial World, River City Shopping....

Important Stuff First
Terminal 21 has Japanese toilets covered in buttons that spray and beep and warm the seat and tie your shoelaces. Sadly Mega Bangna only has boring toilets for pooping in, and a blade hand-dryer that's a poor knockoff of the Dyson Airblade [Edited, it seems Mitsubishi invented these, making the Dyson a poor knockoff of the Mitsubishi]. I was ready to go home, but never mind, maybe other toilets have themes, maybe one toilet has a portal to another dimension.


Shopping is quite bland the world over, Mega Bangna is a formula mall, all the same boring shops you see world wide, is that a Mango? Oh hang-on a second just got to pop in and see if, wait, a Bershka? Maybe I'll pop in there too. First though I've found a Thai Khanom store selling sweet egg yolks, and rice balls in coconut sauce. At least there's some things different for Thailand.


A mysterious red signs on the door. Don't tumble-dry your clothes? Don't push the red button? Very mysterious.


I asked the bear what the sign meant and he didn't know either. Maybe it means "No Japanese people"? It sort of looks like a Japanese flag. That must be why all the Japanese Restaurants are on the outside of the mall.


The mall is stunning, it's amazing to think this didn't exist only a year ago. There's still some finishing work on it, and some stores only had temporary fronts, but it's nearly full occupancy from the open, and that's pretty amazing.

I've spent the whole day here, and it's getting late, so I look for food to eat and find "International Buffer" for 299 Baht a head. That's all you can eat in one and a half hours for about $10 a person. Challenge accepted!


Round 1, Steak Sushi, Sashimi, Salad, this is the 'S' course.


Round 2, Salami, Salad and Shrimp. A dish plate of spicy cod, crab and egg roe stuffed sardine. I must do the recipe for this sometime. Oh and a dish of pork in mushroom cream sauce, for, erm, essential vitamins.


They have noodles, they have pizza slices, they have garlic bread sticks, they have a penalty for leaving food of 50 baht per 100 gms of uneaten food...


Oh boy, this is a long fight but I think I won. I think I ate the place out of business! Time to waddle off home.

Mega Bangna is now open, the official opening ceremony is tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th. There's a free bus from UdomSuk BTS, just look for the 'Mega Bangna bus, or the Ikea bus'.

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