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Her First Pearls


They grow so quickly. It seems like only 3 months ago she was a newborn in hospital having an operation, and now she's all grown up with her first string of pearls!

I'm visiting Krabi, and having a frustrating day. There are lots of things to do here in Krabi, but the estuaries make everything difficult. The roads have been washed away and dirt tracks fabricated while they repair the highways, but traffic is slow.

I notice a sign for a fossil and a shell beach. That's at least something I can do that's nearby, but I quickly find its a national park. It's 50 baht to visit the beach, 200 for tourists, this also gets you access to see the fossil! Naturally with such good value, I decided to give it a total miss, no thanks, instead looking at the shops on the path down to the beach I cannot visit.


Among the usual shell curtains and jewelry, I notice they have baby sized pearl bracelets. This is a good time for my baby to have her first set of pearls. She has a lot of string tied around her wrists, these are wishes given to her on her 3 month birthday party, and she has a piece of cotton from a monk at Tiger Cave Temple, now she can have a proper present of pearls.

Well for a while she can. I can't leave her wearing the pearls in case she eats them or chokes on them, but for a while she can wear them and enjoy them. That's good enough.

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