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Button Shoes at Jatujak


Jatujak is just a market full of surprises that's keeps giving and giving. This is 'House of Siree', a shoe store that makes and sells button covered shoes. Some are elegant like the blue sequin platform heels above, others are more cutsy for girls like the colourful button shoes below.

The shoes cost between 1000 Baht and 2800 Baht for the more complex ($33-$95).


But the selection is huge, and since they make them in store, you can pretty much just order what you want from a wide selection of buttons, sequins and pearls. There are many examples already made up, including understated shoes with muted by glistening colours.


Or how about some pearl covered shoes like the ones below.


If those don't appeal to you, how about a row of sparkly sequined shows. The pink open toe shoes are my favorites. Those would look perfect on me at a party.


Located in the mall at Jatujak, so it's there every day of the week, not just the weekend.


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