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Button Shoes at Jatujak


Jatujak is just a market full of surprises that's keeps giving and giving. This is 'House of Siree', a shoe store that makes and sells button covered shoes. Some are elegant like the blue sequin platform heels above, others are more cutsy for girls like the colourful button shoes below.

The shoes cost between 1000 Baht and 2800 Baht for the more complex ($33-$95).

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I've finally found out what vibrant means. I've seen this word many times, but never understood it. The dictionary says it means 'having the property of vibrating', but they're not moving, so those bangles can't be vibrant because I kept the camera still! I'm confused!
Appon's Thai Life has a proof reader to fix my terrible English, and she says that 'Vibrant Colours' means the colours are bursting with life. Isn't something that's burst, dead? Then she said it was rich in colours, but isn't that 'colourful'? How can something be one colour and still vibrant! Yet I've seen 'vibrant blue' used in English.

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Jatujak weekend market is a great place to look for hand bags, big bags, small bags, old style bags so colourful they hurt your eyes, lots of fakes, and 'Louis-Ting-Tong' not quite copies.

Can they make woven reed handbags stylish? Yes it seems they can. Too 'old' for me, but beautiful workmanship.


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Terminal 21, Asok, Bangkok

Terminal 21, a new shopping mall has opened at Asok in Bangkok. It's fantastic, I spent the day there. Each level is themed to a region or country and they have a huge selection of shops, all grouped by their theme.

I spent far too much money, had Mexican food on the food floor, and watched the science fiction movie 'In Time' on the movie floor, which I highly recommend, before heading home.
"In Time" is a world in which time is the currency, and everyone works day to day, not to pay the bills, but just to stay alive. The rich can live forever, but the poor die quickly when they run out of time. As I went to the Skytrain and swiped my pass over the barrier, it beeped... my credit had expired. Very ironic.

Catch Terminal 21 while it's open, Jatujak market has flooded this morning, Thon Buri will be under 50cm of water in the next two days, the waters heading towards Asok and they didn't have their flood barrier prepared when I visited. The supermarket in the basement is stocked with plenty of Fondue so I dread to think what a cheesy mess the place will be in when I next see it.

If you are In Time to catch this mall, try the toilets, they have the clever Japanese ones that wash and dry.

Mega Bangna Megarific

I was just thinking, it's May already and there hasn't been a shopping mall opening in Bangkok this year. Surely this is some sign of the apocalypse? Maybe 2012 is the year the world ends after all! But no, Mega Bangna mall is open, this is a new Mega Mall along the Bangna Trat highway with Ikea, Big C and Home Pro as its anchor stores. We're saved!

Bangkok has a few shopping malls already, Paradise Mall I've covered, Seacon Square's next to it, Central World, Central Plaza Bangna, Gythorn, Centerpoint, MBK. IT Square, Platinum Mall, Pantip Plaza, Siam Paragon, JJ Mall up at Jatujak, the Bang Kae Mall, The Mall Bang Khen to name but a few, oh and Discovery Center and Terminal 21. But as long as there's a piece of green land there's an opportunity to squeeze another mall into Bangkok. Oh forgot Imperial World, River City Shopping....

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Asiatique Night Market Bangkok

How many new shopping venues can possibly be created before you run out of shoppers?! I missed the opening of Asiatique last month, a new night market on the site of old warehouses in central Bangkok. Soon Gateway Ekamai will open too. It seems we get new malls every few days, the pace of building is so dizzying.

Asiatique's two key features are the boat trip to visit it, and it's only open at night, 6pm to midnight. Although you can catch a bus or taxi, the boat trip from Saphan Taksin pier is the best option as it avoids a lot of the traffic, and makes the visit special. You are straight off the BTS station, and the boat is on the pier furthest to the left. Later in the evening it sets off from the main express boat pier, which is directly in front of the BTS. Just follow the crowds to find it.

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Mall Wars Casualty : Siam Night Bazaar


Bangkok opens new shopping malls at a frantic pace. So frantic I can barely keep up with the mall openings. But there's isn't an infinite number of shoppers and some casualties are inevitable.

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Sparkly Iron on Beads

Our new site sponsor, Crystal Beads, vendors of fine hand made jewelry, and crystal beads, has a new product. You provide a picture, a logo, or text, and they turn it into an iron-on transfer made of sparkly beads.

If you're stuck for a gift for the girl who has everything, then these bead transfers are terrific. Have her name made up in beads, add a few hearts and you'll leave her smiling!

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Bangkok Illuminations at Em District


Em District, the new mall from Emporium is celebrating Christmas with a very non-traditional lights festival.

It's all about drawing people into the mall and into the shops, and up the stairs to see the different exhibits, and so I headed off to go see. One of the funnest things to do there is to get a 3D portrait made (which is available as a video).

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Her First Pearls


They grow so quickly. It seems like only 3 months ago she was a newborn in hospital having an operation, and now she's all grown up with her first string of pearls!

I'm visiting Krabi, and having a frustrating day. There are lots of things to do here in Krabi, but the estuaries make everything difficult. The roads have been washed away and dirt tracks fabricated while they repair the highways, but traffic is slow.

I notice a sign for a fossil and a shell beach. That's at least something I can do that's nearby, but I quickly find its a national park. It's 50 baht to visit the beach, 200 for tourists, this also gets you access to see the fossil! Naturally with such good value, I decided to give it a total miss, no thanks, instead looking at the shops on the path down to the beach I cannot visit.


Among the usual shell curtains and jewelry, I notice they have baby sized pearl bracelets. This is a good time for my baby to have her first set of pearls. She has a lot of string tied around her wrists, these are wishes given to her on her 3 month birthday party, and she has a piece of cotton from a monk at Tiger Cave Temple, now she can have a proper present of pearls.

Well for a while she can. I can't leave her wearing the pearls in case she eats them or chokes on them, but for a while she can wear them and enjoy them. That's good enough.

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