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Here you can find articles on Thailand, anything interesting, unusual, or eye catching that doesn't quite fit on the recipe blog. Over the years of writing 'Appon's Thai Food' there have been lots of articles that have come and gone from the site, simply because they weren't recipes and didn't have a place in the recipe archives. This blog is their new home!
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December 20, 2014

Koren Style/BBQ 149 Baht/Paradise


Doesn't the title say it all?

I've been exploring the area around Udomsuk, where I'm staying for a few weeks in it's April/May. My nearest malls are Paradise mall HaHa mall and Seacon Square mall, and exploring around these areas has been a real boon. (HaHa is the new mall they build between Paradise Mall and Seacon Square mall).

I've discovered an unlimited BBQ, 149 baht a head gets you live music, and a wide selection of meats, fish, shrimp and vegetables to grill Korean style over charcoal at your table.

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December 19, 2014

Lady Pie, Phuket's Answer to the Witches Pie Shop


Christmas is coming, we don't really celebrate it here in Thailand. A holiday that celebrates a religion we don't follow, with a tree that doesn't grow here, eating a large bird we don't farm, it makes no sense. There are plenty of fat jolly red faced men here in Thailand though, and one of them recommended Lady Pie as a place to get mincemeat pies from.

I've visited the Witches Pie Factory in Bangkok, famous for Western style savory pies, and this is Phuket's version of that. Run by an Australian woman, its been going for 9 years, so its doing something right!

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December 18, 2014

Bizzo, Take Your Time, Bangna Bangkok


There's a new dining area behind Central Mall in Bangna, called Bizzo, it's a small square with Japanese Shabu restaurants, Vietnamese cuisine, and this restaurant, wishfully called "Take Your Time", it really should be called "Play with your food". The Shabu Shabu restaurant was full, but this one completely empty! Why? It has live music, it's brand new, looks clean. Why no customers?

I felt sorry for them, the place was empty and one look at their menu and you could see the problem! What style of food does it serve? Chicken Fajitas, Spicy Pork Neck, Cordonbleu Chicken, Lap Shrimp Salad, German Sausage... it's a mish mash of Thai, Tex-Mex and European cuisines! What a train wreck of a restaurant! It's for people who fancy mexi-thai food or Shrimp-Wurst?!

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December 17, 2014

Vareeya Revisted


I've been to Vareeya before, its a restaurant/resort in the North east of Phuket, quality fine dining Thai cuisine. For a while it was my go to restaurant for cakes, but over the year its sort of morphed.

The Chef there is now trying out fusion food more than traditional Thai, its different, but as ever he executes it with engineering precision.

Shame his photographs are all engineering and no art! This dish on the menu is photographed top down, the pork all spread out. It doesn't sell the dish, yet when it arrives it is thick juicy pork with good hard crackling. The photograph on the menu really doesn't do it justice.

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December 16, 2014

Warm Comfy Bar, Bangna Bangkok


More of my exploration of Bangna, I covered Sushi Hana already, well this restaurant is the best pizza I could find on Udom Suk road.

It's name is in Thai, but loosely translates to 'Warm Comfy' bar, it has live music, an open air feel and a genuine pizza oven.

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December 15, 2014

Sushi Hana, Central Bangna, Bangkok


There's a major elevated highway known as Bang-na Trad, and I'm visiting Udomsuk, another long street that runs parallel. Between the two streets are little linking roads and I've been exploring these side roads and finding some fantastic surprises.

Sushi Hana is a Japanese sushi restaurant. It looked expensive, inside I could see some Japanese people eating, which is a sign of authenticity and authenticity costs money! Once inside I was pleasantly surprised, the prices for most dishes were reasonable. I ordered a Sushi salad and a plate of sushi and the total was only 600 baht. The salad alone was huge with lots of salmon in it and a delicious light dressing.

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